Gear Deburring Machine TM 200 R3 - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Gear Deburring Machine TM 200 R3

Technical data sheet

Automated Gear Deburring Machines
About This Project

The gear deburring machine TM 200 R3 is particularly suitable for deburring straight-toothed and helical spur gears, straight-toothed bevel gears as well as sprockets with diameters between 30 and 200mm.

It consists of four major components: two rotating CNC-controlled loading magazines (one for unfinished parts and one for finished parts) each of which has eight 450mm high towers; a manipulator with a CNC-controlled gripper and a rotary table with five workstations:

Workstation 1: Pick and Place

Workstation 2: Deburring top

Workstation 3: Deburring bottom

Workstation 4: Brushing top

Workstation 5: Brushing bottom

The machine stands out for its rapidity in machining, its simplicity in handling and the very short set-up times. Its autonomy is 8x450mm, i.e. the lower the height of the work part the longer the machine performs operating cycles without intervention by the operator.

Its closed structure and safety devices guarantee safe, hygienic and low-noise working conditions.