Fully Automated Deburring System TM 250 + TM 15 - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Fully Automated Deburring System TM 250 + TM 15

Technical data sheet

Automated Gear Deburring Machines
About This Project

The Fully Automated Deburring System entirely designed and realized by Tecnomacchine consists of a deurring machine with rotary table TM 250, a rotating store (Rotostore) TM 15 and a mechanical hand which is able to perform the same job a robot would do but to a much lower price.

The deburring machine TM250 is equipped with anti-wear CBN grinding wheels with diamonds and is able to machine spur and bevel gears. The Both top and bottom of the gear are machined in the very same operating cycle.

The Rotostore consists of 15 towers each one of which is 450mm high. Thus, if fully loaded, it is able to machine more than 6.5m of gears!

Gears with up to 180mm of diameter can be loaded onto it. The Rotostore provides a storing area behind the machine which allows the operator to load and unload the work parts in absolute safety while the machine keeps performing operating cycles.

The three-axis mechanical hand makes it possible to load and unload the Rotostore and the deburring machine in short time and is able to move work parts with a weight of up to 10kg. Obviously, if necessary, the deburring machine can also be used in the manual mode.

The only necessary intervention by the operator is to load and unload the work parts onto and from the 15 towers of the Rotostore and to start the automatic operating cycle. The Rotostore has a sufficient range to allow the operator to simultaneously control other machines surrounding the Fully Automated Deburring System.