Gear Deburring Machine TM 150 big - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Gear Deburring Machine TM 150 big

Technical data sheet

Manual Gear Deburring Machines
About This Project

The universally applicable gear deburring machine TM 150 big deburrs and brushes straight-toothed and helical spur gears, bevel gears, pinions and shafts.

The machine features two arms for deburring and an optional arm for brushing. It is furthermore equipped with a three-jaw chuck with a diameter of 400mm which can be inclined by -90° to +90° with respect to the vertical rotation axis. The revolutions per minute of the spindels can be regulated at the control desk by means of potentiometers.

The machine is also equipped with an opening on top for loading work parts by means of bridge cranes or towing devices.

Dimensions: 1480x1400x2000mm


The new version of the TM150big features a double machining tool equipped with a disk-cutter for pre-machining and a brush for finishing the part and makes the machine even more versatile and flexibleoptimizing at the same time the repeatability and consistency of the chamfer.