Gear Deburring Machine TM 400 - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Gear Deburring Machine TM 400

Technical data sheet

Manual Gear Deburring Machines
About This Project

The gear deburring machine TM 400 4BP has been designed and realized by Tecnomacchine in order to deburr sprockets and internal gears of large and small diameters.

Three adjustable towers take up internal gears with diameters between 180 and 5500mm. By means of a universal chuck it is possible to deburr gear of different sizes and a height of up to 210mm.

The machine deburrs and brushes the gears both at the top and bottom at the same time. It is equipped with two grinding wheels and two brushes which can be turned down in order to facilitate the pick and place of the work part. The grinding tools feature special shields and are served by three adjustable aspiration devices.

The TM400 is also equipped with an opening on top for the loading and unloading of work parts by means of overhead cranes or towing devices.

The arms supporting the grinding tools are equipped with “wrists” permitting to be entirely adjustable. After an initial setting of the grinding wheels, it is possible to quickly adjust the tools to the various diameters of the work parts by means of a simple radial translation of the different tools. The programs uploaded onto the PLC for the operation in the automatic mode can perform entire deburring and brushing cycles with the opportunity to exclude the lower units. It is also possible to perform only deburring or only brushing cycles.

The machine can be assembled on the customer’s requirements regarding diameter, weight and height of the work parts to be processed.