TM 700 - Tecno Macchine Srl
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TM 700

Technical data sheet

Automated Gear Deburring Machines
About This Project

The Deburring Machine TM700CNC is able to machine straight-toothed and helical spur gears, bevel gears, sprockets, shafts and pinions with diameters between 30 and 400 mm. This solution is especially suitable for small and medium-sized batches and was designed to satisfy the requirements of those customers, who attach particularly great importance to a quick and simple set-up.
The machine features a rotary table with six workstations: one for pre-machining by means of a disk-cutter, two for deburring, two for brushing and one for making, being equipped with an integrated laser marking unit. All workstations are CNC-controlled in order to guarantee maximum repeatability of the process and eliminate the set-up times. The workstations are adjusted in teach-mode. After saving the adjustments in an unlimited number of programs, it suffices to call up the program to set all the workstations, the clamping system and load the workstations, the clamping system and load the marking program automatically.

Dimensions: 2500 x 2300 x 2200 mm