Gear Deburring Machine TM 1000 - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Gear Deburring Machine TM 1000

Technical data sheet

Semi-Automated Gear Deburring Machines
Descrizione Macchina

The gear deburring machine TM1000-4-Axes-CNC was developed and constructed by Tecnomacchine in order to deburr and brush gears of larger modules.

It deburrs gears with a diameter of up to 1000mm and a module of up to 42. The TM 1000-4-axes-CNC features four workstations:

Workstation 1 is equipped with a burr shearer shich enables to shear burrs at the gear basis.

Workstation 2 features two grinding wheels that chamfer both top and bottom of the gears.

Workstation 3 is where the work part is brushed a the top and bottom by means of two brushes.

Workstation 4 features an additional grinding wheel which deburrs smaller module work parts.

The extremely short set-up times contribute to the easy handling of the TM1000-4-axes-CNC.