Automated Basket Loader TM100 CNC - Tecno Macchine Srl
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Automated Basket Loader TM100 CNC

Technical data sheet

Part Handling Systems
Descrizione Macchina

The TM100 CNC is a basket loading system entirely adapted to the customer’s existing transport basket system. This stand-alone automation can be linked to any other machine tool such as lathes, hobbing machines, grinding machines, deburring machines etc. and is able to feed up to three machine tools at a time.

It is available both with two bays and with three bays, the third bay thereby acting as a buffer in order to double the autonomy of the automation system.

Upon request, the manipulator can be equipped with two grippers. In this case the grippers can be positioned so that the rotate by 180° or so that they swivel by 90°.

The CNC-control is equipped with dialog-type software for programs that can be saved on the control and/or externally, so that the set-up time for the automation is eliminated. The number of programs to be saved is agreed with Tecnomacchine at the placement of the order.